February 9, 2017

The Devil’s Backbone

By Sjboatwright In On the Trail

Ever drive past something interesting every day and never had the time to stop?  Every day on my daily commute to work I pass a really unusual outcrop of rock called the Devil’s Backbone.  Yet another crazy warm day in NoCo (Northern Colorado) led me to adventure local and finally check it out.

Devil’s Backbone is one of the best kept secrets of Colorado.  The formations are gorgeous and there’s trails for whatever your preferred method of travel is, foot, bike or horse.  The weather blasted stone howls ominously in the wind, leaving you even more unsettled to walk on the spine of the devil.

Although the stones are off-limits to climbers, something I would normally pay little to no attention to, the rocks look so unusual I didn’t want to cause any damage if the proved to be more fragile than they looked.  You can ride the trails out of Loveland all the way to Fort Collins if your legs are feeling strong.  I’m sure I’ll do just that when my legs and bike are feeling up to it.


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