August 26, 2016

Colorado or Bust Part III: The Proposal

By Sjboatwright In On the Road, On the Trail

If you’ve actually stuck with my Colorado posts this far, like me, you must have very little going on today!  Great!  Let me continue alleviating your boredom.

In my last post I kind of let the secret out, so let me just jump to the end:


I know, I know: “It’s been 10 years!  Finally!”  Even Eva’s first words after “Yes”, were “That was a slow play.”  Full disclaimer, I don’t have major feelings on marriage so I felt no pull to jump in.  Despite not believing too strongly in the institution, man do I believe in Eva and Stephon.  Don’t we make Rocky Mountain National Park look good?

Carrying that ring 1,600 miles across the country was not the greatest feeling.  It was like I had a live grenade in the car with me.  Eva is all about strong emotional associations though, so I wanted to have a memory attached to the mountains and Colorado she’d never forget.  And that was just day one in the state!

We spent the next few days being chauffeured around by two of the greatest people and photographers I know.  Tony and Kate are long time friends and occasional hiking buddies.  They’ve been trying to get us to relocate to Colorado for years, a request I’m more than happy to grant.

We took in the grandeur of the Rockies,


crossed the continental divide where the mountains split the rivers,


watched the rocks turn from brown to red,


enjoyed the local microbrews of New Belgium, a worker-owned brewery that makes my hippie heart glow,


speaking of hippies, we visited the People’s Republic of Boulder,



Denver too,


and hiked the paths around the reservoir in Fort Collins.


Some places feel like home even when you’re visiting them for the first time.  Colorado thrusts that feeling upon you immediately and digs hooks of memories that remain in your head long after you’re gone.  I already dreamed of moving out to the mountain state but…. enough dreaming.  You’re looking at the newest resident of Fort Collins Colorado.

I haven’t been here more than six weeks, but I have more stories of the mountains and towns that surround them than I could have ever imagined.  Those stories are coming, but in the meantime, even though we didn’t see it until we were heading back east, I leave you with the Gateway to the West:


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