August 24, 2016

Colorado or Bust Part I: Life on the Road

By Sjboatwright In On the Road

Yowzza have I been busy.  I’ve been so busy traveling I haven’t had the time to write about traveling.  I guess this a good problem to have when you have wanderlust like mine, but bad for the three and half people who read my blog.  To all three of you, I deeply apologize.

Part of the reason I’ve been on the road so much is because Eva and I are searching for a new place to plant some roots.  I’ve always loathed upstate NY -minus Ithaca and the ADKs– and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  After all these years of me complaining, a declining standard of living and watching everyone else leave, Eva began to see my point.  We made a big list of possible places to plant ourselves and, on paper at least, Colorado won.  All there was to do was take her for a visit.  And while we’re at it, why not take the drive and visit Kansas too?


We took off on a cold April morning before the sun even had the chance to rise.  We piled into Chloe (Eva’s Civic) and steamed westward.  Western NY was boring and gray, Ohio was dangerously icy and windy – I had never seen so many trucks blown clear off the road -, but sunny Indiana has never let me down yet.

We drove four hours out-of-the-way to visit the one and only Gator Boy (AKA my old friend Patrick) in Indianapolis.  Indy is an up and coming post-industrial town that has a great vibe to it.  GB brought us to a tap house where we met his lovely new girlfriend Kate.  Kate claimed she could actually keep with my drinking stamina…she was lucky I was driving.  After a quick tour around Indy we were back on the road.



West of Indianapolis it really starts to feel like the mid-west.  The land turns flat and dusty, the towns small and isolated, and the sun seems to hang in the sky forever as it shines uninterrupted by any disturbances on the horizon.  Having just been to Chicago, I was pretty shocked over how flat and agricultural southern Illinois was.  Peoria was the last major city before we ended day one.  Everything was named Caterpillar park, Caterpillar road, Caterpillar this and that.  Eva’s inner child assumed that indicated there were a lot of butterflies here.  My outer anti-capitalist assumed it was because the Caterpillar construction company basically bought the city.  Soon we started to see the corporate logo adorning every square inch of the city.  Marxism wins again.

We made a quick stop to pick up some wine before we headed to our Motel 6 for the night just outside of Iowa.  Let me tell you something!  Listen up!  Do not stay at Motel 6 in Moline IL.  I don’t care what your budget is, it’s just not worth it.  After the first room’s TV didn’t work we were put into a smoking room with stained…well…everything.  I had no idea the wine was going to be used as a sleeping aide.  Eva slept on top of the comforter as I snuggled with cheap alcohol, watching ads for lawn equipment.  So goes life on the road, and god do I love it.

“It’s not how fast you mow. It’s how well you mow fast.”   

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