March 15, 2016

Doing Vermont on the Cheap

By Sjboatwright In Vermont

This isn’t my first glowing review of the hippie paradise known as Vermont.  Since, I first started visiting the state, I’ve applied to about three doze jobs there and have been back four or five times.  The best part of the state you ask?  It’s cheap to have a blast.  Here’s the best things you can find for $10 and under.

1.) Get a $5.00 shake from Radio Bean

Life in Burlington is NOT normal, and I say that in the most loving of ways.  You’ll find hair that comes in more colors than blonde and brunette, “couples” that have more than two people in them, and bars that provide an ambiance somewhere between performing arts project and an acid trip

Radio Bean is the best in-town; the music is awesome, the mattress skeleton holding the wine is hilarious, and the $5 shake blends Vermont craft stout, with hot espresso and topped maple syrup.  5 bucks of heaven.


2.) Take a Tour of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory

For $4 you can take a stroll through the most magical place on Earth, that is if you have a fat kid’s appetite like me.  The tour gives you the history of B&J and treats you to whatever Ice Cream they’re serving up that day.  Control yourself and try not to trample the children when they start offering the free samples.



3.) Bike down a 4,000 foot High Peak

I always wondered how ski resorts kept their cash coming in during the off season.  The answer is to let adrenaline junkies ride their mountain bikes up and down their slopes.  For just $10 dollars you have all day access to Mount Killington.  No bike?  No problem!  You can rent one for the day.  Just want the thrill of blasting down the mountain without the grueling task of pedaling up?  No problem there either.  For a bit more cash you can have access to the ski lifts all day.  Bring a helmet and some courage.


4.) Magic Hat Brewery

You’ll be shocked at how many household, name brands are produced in Vermont.  Vermont is decidedly craft beer country, although it does have an up-and-coming wine industry.  Magic Hat is a staple through the Northeast and some of the best beer you’ll find.  Tours of the brewery are free and end with the option to try an ridiculous variety of beers at the taproom.  I highly recommend Circus Boy.


5.) Check Out a Concert at Battery Park

The sound of Vermont is a mix of reggae and Phish.  Yet reeeaaaly something for everyone.  There’s no place to take in a summer show like the stage at Battery Park in downtown Burlington.  Between the views of Champlain, the sound of the tunes and the scent of patchouli, you’ll be in Euphoria.

6.) Climb to the Roof of Vermont
Mount Mansfield green mountains Vermont


Mount Mansfield is not only the tallest mountain in Vermont, but it also has the shortest hike of all the VT high peaks.  In just under three (steep!) miles you’ll have views back to NY, down to the other high peaks, and on a clear day, all the way to Mount Royal in Canada.

This is only a starter list, but you can do all six things combined for under $50.  There’s so much more to the Green Mountain State, so just ramble on.


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