March 29, 2016

Chicago’s Big Two: The Sears Tower (#NeverWillis) and Institute of Art

By Sjboatwright In On the Road

I’m typically about doing the most and spending the least when visiting a new place, but a long weekend in Chicago was my Xmas gift to Eva this year, and what baby wants, baby gets.


The best and totally worth it tourist traps in town are the Sears Tower (No, you can’t rename it, its an icon) and The Art Institute of Chicago.  You can get a pass for $45 and see them both.  What do you get for your 45 bucks? Observe:

IMG_20160227_115106870 IMG_20160227_130035777 IMG_20160227_124559592_HDR

After you reclaim your heart from your chest, you can take in some Van Gogh.


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Save your pennies and do yourself a favor: go to Chi-Town!

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