July 9, 2015

Lost and Found in Ithaca

By Stephon Boatwright In On the Trail

Despite my absence from the blog and the mountains, I actually have been quite active.  Living in Ithaca has its perks.  I live 20 miles or less to what many will travel across the state to see.  Ithaca may not be surrounded by the peaks I prefer, but the gorges, glens and waterfalls more than make up for it….well, almost.

After losing my phone I was nervous my most recent hikes would be lost.  I’m going back and forth over taking a trip to Colorado for a couple months, so I wouldn’t see the gorges again until they were back in their autumn splendor.  The fall colors are breathtaking, but the sole benefit of having weeks of never ending rain is that the rivers are swollen and their cascades rage pretty furiously.  Thank Guinness for Instagram!  I lost some photos, but at least a few memories were saved, like massive Lucifer Falls at Robert Treman Park,


and the enchanting serenity of Fillmore Glenn, just outside of Ithaca,


and of course, one of many trips to Taughannock falls.


With any luck I’ll gather the courage and resources to leap into the unknown for a while and finally spend time in the mountain sound of the Rockies.  Even if I do, I’ll miss summer in the Republic of Ithaca.

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